We’re outdoorsy people with a tendency to hang out outside as much as we can. We love camping vs being in a hotel room with windows sealed shut, so this year we decided to make our Kubb travel more “our style”.

We made a switch from our 30 years of tent camping, to now traveling with a Basecamp trailer. It has been a good shelter from storms and a sturdy but lightweight pull along (we highly recommend kubb camping!).

Steve and I were able to make a few tournaments so far this year. Here are some highlights…

Cabin Fever Tournament, Appleton, WI, January 6

Who doesn’t want to have their toes in the sand? We do! Game Day Sports Bar is the place for this one. Indoor volleyball transformed into Kubb pitches. Drinks and food available right there, this was a fun day in January when we are feeling starved for our kubb friends and the love of the game. Thanks Chad And Sandy Bevers for the well planned and executed good time.

Captain Ken’s Loppet Kubb Tournament, Minneapolis, Jan 27

Yep, this one’s on a frozen lake in downtown Minneapolis. Always refreshing! Includes chili and a beer for lunch. The championship ends in darkness, but if you can’t stand around that long, there’re lots of great restaurants to head to! This tourney is in conjunction with a 2 week winter festival of ice carving, cc skiing, luminaries on ice, biking… a true celebration of winter. Great times thanks to Director Eric Goplin and all involved with MN Kubb.

Screw City Kubb, Roscoe IL, May 5

A nice park with shaded tent area, Evan Fitzgerald once again put on a flawless tournament. Stoughton Kubb grilled hotdogs for a pot luck lunch which everyone contributed to. We battled with Kubb’d from Des Moines for Consolation Champs. We took home the 2nd Place cool bottle opener trophy. Tenting next to Aaron and Ed from Madison Kubb was a highlight. #kubbfriends

Madison Kubb Tournament, Madison WI, June 2

Madison is like home for us. It was our first tournament 6 years ago and we haven’t missed one since. Aaron and Julie Berry, along with their expert helpers put on a great day of kubb. Overlooking Lake Monona, Olbrich Park is on the edge of the Isthmus. Shady areas among the trees makes for a good picnic spot. Mello Madison is a great time. Spend the weekend, there’s tons of cool stuff to do.

Kubbing to Kick Cancer, Kasson MN, June 9

We always have fun times in Kasson. It’s within traveling distance to so many kubb clubs, we get to meet up with lots of friends. The tournament is one of the top in organization. Dee Dee and Jason Halvorson make it a fundraiser to kick cancer out of our lives. Raffles, food truck, lucky winnings, and the special king tribute to those who survived or battled to the end with cancer. We would never want to miss this one, it’s very special. We camped at Oxbow Park in Byron, and will again next year. It’s a perfect place for a kubb camp, right along the Middle Zumbro River (kayaking!). There’s a Friday night social in Kasson, and usually dinner somewhere on Saturday – make a weekend out of it.

U.S. Midwest Kubb Championship, Canton, OH, June 23rd

This is a tournament that moves to a new location each year. Being in the Canton area was beautiful. Rolling hills and plenty to do in Canton. Many enjoyed a visit to the Football Hall of fame. We opted for a tour of Airstream (our camper) in another part of Ohio. We were glad to have done that.

The tournament was spectacular. Mandatory 3 person teams bring together the bonded friendships the 3 person team always shares. Makes for an extra camaraderizing feel. We shared our tent with awesome people who ended up to be the Champs! (Those sporty Minnesota Kubb guys that put on the Loppet tourney.)

Midwest this year was hosted by Burning River Kubb, from Canton. Neil and Kyle Weakland put on a great show! Two socials, raffles, super Kubb play, new friends and weather that made us feel blessed.

After this we’ll head to Canton any-day to play again. Our campground, Nimisala Reservoir, a City Park was beautiful (kayaking!), and not too far from the tourney.

The day after, we went to Warther’s Museum, as recommended by Kyle, and it was mind boggling amazing wood carvings. The man was a master of masters wood carver!

Pre-U.S. Championship Tournament, Eau Claire, WI, June 30

Eau Claire is the Kubb Capital of North America, so anytime we’re in Eau Claire, we feel at home. This tournament was a glimpse of the park and facilities we’ll be at in 2 weeks, as we head back for the U.S. Kubb Championship. The Pre is a 2 person minimum, unlike the Championship, which is 3. Afterwards we all head over to the Lazy Monk Brewing Taproom for eating, drinking, and the Draw.

The Draw is picking team names from a hat and grouping them for the first matches of play at Nationals. This year was a huge turnout, with Kubb Trivia and lots of giveaways. We have glasses, koozies, stickers, backpacks and a pennant. Thanks to the tournament host, Team Kubboom, from Eau Claire. And to the Draw announcers, Scott Graham and Eric Anderson, as well as our Trivia Game Keeper, Erin Anderson, and Andrew Straight for the great chart mastering. Congrats to the Kubb Championship Board of Directors for making the Championship the special weekend that it is.

This one was a blast, and is not to be missed, even if we all will be back in 2 weeks 🙂

We camped at Lake Wissota State Park, and enjoyed some hiking. It’s a kayaking lake, too!

U.S. Kubb Championship, Eau Claire WI, July 14-15

This is the biggest Kubb tournament weekend in the US. Eric Anderson is the Tournament Director of this event. Eric is the one who taught Steve and me to play Kubb in 2011. We had Sangria on the tailgate and played in 100 degree heat. We fell in love with the game and went on to enthuse our family and we were off and running. We took Kubb everywhere.

This was our 6th year at Nationals. We haven’t made the finals into Sunday yet… we just have to keep practicing more.

This 3 person team minimum is always Steve, Cody and I. We play as King Kung when it’s the 3 of us. Besides the competitive play happening all over the pitches, there are circles of socializing going on everywhere, day and night. It’s Kubb and Kubb friends at their finest.

Another plus to this tourney is we get to see Lee, my swim team friend from High school.

note: watching any of the Finals matches on YouTube or social media, you’ll hear the cowbells provided by Chaska Kubb. On Monday we stopped to visit our friends, the Ellringer’s, and heard the Chaska cowbells once again 🙂

Great weekend!


Stoughton Kubb Tournament, Stoughton WI, July 28th

Stoughton Kubb puts on a fun tournament with many extras. The trophies are always interesting. King Oscar sponsors many giveaways, so we always enjoy the sardines, mackerel, can cozies, shirts and aprons. We play this one with Nancy, another good friend from the old swim team days. A lively social happens after, to recap the day of kubb fun and competition. Thanks Todd, JM and Diane(s) for a smooth running day of Kubb play.

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  1. Carol J.Knapp says:

    I want to learn more about, I want to do this for our church picnic, How many leagues do you have. How many on a team. What is the cost to have a league. What do you gross at this. Then how much is yours when all the bills are paid. How do you keep score. How many Kubb sets do I need to have. Can you called me at home.715-359-5714.
    Carol J.Knapp
    St.Therese Parish
    Rothschild, WI

  2. Changing Area: Please note that we have NO changing or clubhouse facilities. Teams are encouraged to bring their own Shelter/gazebo/tent that can be positioned on the …

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