These 10 are the diehard (liveeasy) kubb fanatics that made it to the first Kubb On the Pond winter tournament. The Madison area players and the Nashotah group signed up, couldn’t make it due to icy weather conditions :(. The Michigan Kubb, Fox Valley Kubb, and Energy City Kubb players bravely joined the KMK folks for some memorable kubb times.

The weather began spitting icy rain about 8am – just as everyone was a arriving. The tents were up, fires built, and Molly, the welcoming dog, greeted everyone with ferocious barks of “WHAT IN THE WORLD are you doing on MY turf?”, which eventually turned into tail wagging, body wagging dog joy.The spit turned to snowflakes which after landing on you instantly turned to 32 degree wetness. No worries, we were all dressed for it. We gathered together under the 10×10 fire tent for a quick briefing, excited to hear the words “let’s start”. Scramble after scramble, we built our individual scores. The flakes turned back to really wet freezing rain. The tent covers collected just enough water causing small waterfalls to cascade down at unsuspecting moments. Things got wet, like Molly’s warm resting blanket. She laid on a straw bed until the 2nd game was over, and was escorted back home to her cozy dry bed, and a decent nap.We gathered at the fire pit area on each end of the pitch during the games. The Bloody Mary bar opened and the rains began to taper off. Beans and hotdogs were warmed on the fires, and by the time our lunch break was over, the wet sky let up and it turned into pretty much a perfect afternoon for kubb.

The championship teams were determined by the rankings from the morning games. Cody was in the lead. Rick, Nancy and Matt had a throw off to break their 3-way tie. Matt Green won it and joined Cody Glorioso to become Team Alpha. Nancy Glorioso and Rick Saegert, having the next best scores, became Team Bravo.Team Charlie was Lynn Saegert, Mark Weaver, and Stephen McDiarmid, and Bryan Jones, George Sloan and Chris McDiarmid became Team Delta.Matches began. Team Alpha beat Team Delta after 3 games of play. Team Charlie advanced by beating Team Bravo in the 2nd game.

Finals began: Alpha vs Charlie for 1st & 2nd and Bravo vs Delta for 3rd and 4th

Excellent play was balanced by missed shots. We’ve all been there – the thrill of the hit and the disbelief when the missed shot that was “so close!”. It was a team effort all the way….each team and their fans cheering their sector. Delta! Delta! Delta! Alpha Alpha Alpha, on occasion ;).

Alpha pulled it together and beat Charlie, winning the whole shebang. Bravo overtook Delta in the 3rd game and everyone was awarded…something.4th Place Delta received a roll of “Who Gives A Crap” recycled toilet paper.

The nearby Pleasant Hill Bar and Grill was a perfect place to warm ourselves up and say cheers together.Those out-of-towners spending the night laughed through games and ate a kubb champions’ breakfast together before making their way back home.Thanks to all of our crazy kubb friends who could make it to the debut of another of many knock down good times with KMK.

More photos on Kettle Moraine Kubb Facebook page. “Like Us”! We like you 😄

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